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WORKERS COMPENSATION INSURANCE - Through the BCMA's Group Program with OptaComp, members receive up to 24.8% of their premium back in the form of a dividend.

MEDICAL LIABILITY INSURANCE - Through the BCMA's Group Program, members receive a 5% discount on their premiums.

OTHER NEEDED SERVICES available are Banking, Billing, Collection, Coding and Compliance, Credit Card Processing, e-prescribing, EHR, Financial Planning, Legal Advice, Legal Defense Insurance, Office and Health Insurance, Payroll and Personnel Services, Phone Services, Telephone, Transcription,

PRACTICE MANAGEMENT - BCMA routinely communicates with Medicare and insurance companies regarding physicians' economic (getting paid) and enrollment issues. BCMA supports the physicians' office staff with answers to their day-to-day problems.

EDUCATION - BCMA holds seminars on the latest practice management information and state mandated CME programs.

ADVOCACY AND GRASS ROOTS LOBBYING - BCMA informs legislators at the local level on state and national key legislative issues that impact physicians and their patients in conjunction with the AMA and the FMA.

BAMPAC - (Broward Allied Medical Political Committee) - BAMPAC Works via voluntary contributions from physicians and their spouses to support pro-medicine candidates.

REFERRALS - BCMA provides the public with information about member physicians’ credentials, address, and telephone number.

GRIEVANCES - BCMA communicates with patients who experience a breakdown of communication with their physician or the office staff.

SPEAKERS BUREAU - BCMA provides organizations with speakers for their meetings.

CAMARADERIE - Socializing and networking with colleagues and their spouses through various social events.

COMMUNICATIONS - Physicians' offices receive information on key issues via fax or email. The Record, BCMA's official journal provides a wide variety of key information for physicians.